Welcome to MCH
Infinite Access!

MCH Infinite Access offers the ability to search, analyze, and export world class MCH Data.

Getting Started - Spend a few minutes learning the application:

  1. Begin by logging in. If you don't have login credentials, then request a 14-day free trial.
  2. Once logged in, view the menu's across the top - Take a moment to click and explore each menu item in the page top menu.
  3. While logged in, if you left the MCH Infinite Access Home page and want to return to it, then click on "MCH Home" in the top menu of the application.
  4. Note that the MCH Infinite Access home page provides details about your license, information on what's new, and quick links to get you to your data fast.
  5. Then explore the side menu:
    • Select your Search Segment (K-12 or Childcare)
    • Select your Search Target (Districts or Schools if in K-12)
    • Press the View Search Criteria and begin adding criteria. Select the criteria of importance, and press the "Add Criteria" button.
    • Continue adding criteria to filter your search and locate the records that are of importance to you.
    • It is possible to combine search criteria across the Search Targets while in the K-12 Search Target.
    • You can also Select an Active Search Criteria item and remove or edit the criteria, or completely reset the search and start again.
  6. Once you have selected some search criteria, you can View Institution Results, or View Personnel Results. The results displayed will be based on the Search Target you selected (If in K-12, try changing the Search Target, and then view your results based on the new Search Target). From the Results table, select a record to immediatly see a profile of the selected record and note the options to see more details, map the location, or print the profile.
  7. After becoming comfortable with the search functionality experiment with the Exports, Contact Manager, Reports, Account Settings, and Help options from the Top Menu. The export page will allow you to experiment with exporting data and there will be no charge of export credits when using the Preview options.